How to hire the right people?

hire the right people

Find out how hiring the right people impacts your business!

Did you know that having the right team is a key factor in the success of your business?​​ This means that it is crucial to the hire the right people in your company.

In fact, hiring the right employee is the most important thing you will do to be successful. Most people think of a business as a thing that is out there, a building, a slogan or a product. But a business is something more than just that. As a matter of fact, a business is about the people that run it. In short, the better the people that run the business the better the business.

You may have the best business idea, the most beautiful product, and your customers are dying to buy from you. However, if you have a crappy team, then basically you have nothing. And this would make your business fail.

There are 5 steps that you have to follow to hire the right people for your company:

1- Create a job function

2- Prepare the employee profile

3- The Hiring process

4- New employee integration, first day and the job

5- Human management

Create a job function:​

The very first thing that you would need to do is create the job description. Here is what you would have to do for this step:

1- Create a corporate structure with all the positions needed. Further, identify the positions you need based on your business requirements, such as an accountant, a sales manager, a marketing manager, an operation manager and so on.
2- Describe and define the position, including all the roles and responsibilities.

Prepare the employee profile:

The next thing you need to do is describe the personality traits of the employee that you want to hire.

Most hiring managers don’t think about this, I believe. However, this is very essential to hire the right employee for the job. In fact, it will also affect the company’s culture that you are trying to create. So, having the right people in your organization, will give you a great company’s culture. While with the wrong people, the company’s culture will deteriorate.

Characteristics of the Right Employee

With this in mind, think of the following items when you create the employee profile:

  1. Team player.
  2. Loyal and committed.
  3. Positive.
  4. Organized.
  5. Dependable.
  6. Problem solver.
  7. Want to learn and improve their skills.
  8. Desire to improve their work environment.
To conclude, it is better to be clear about the kind of person you want. And creating the employee profile would allow you to hire the right person.

The Hiring process:

After all this, comes the hiring process. Here is what you need to do if you want to hire the right people:

1- Find your new employee in the following order:

a- From a group of people you know.

b- Via references.

c- Through advertising.

2- Ask for resumes:

a- That is, even if you know the person. Because, this will give you some objectivity along with an idea of the skills and achievements of the new employee.

3- Prepare for the interview:

a- Have your interview questions, and test if needed, prepared.

b- Weigh each question and test. Give them scores from 1-to-5, where 1=not good, while 5=very good. This will give you objectivity.

c- Have more than one interviewer with different questions and tests. As a matter of fact, this keeps the interviewing process more objective and will give you another point of view.

d- Review the new candidate with the other interviewers.

4- Make a decision:

a- After you have gathered a few candidates, the next step to hire the right people is to select the most appropriate employee. In short, choose the Best, the Brightest, and the Most Experienced person for each position.
b- Moreover, if you are starting out, the money could be limited and the business would not have proven itself yet. So, you have to be very convincing to attract these people.

c- Nonetheless, if you can’t hire the Experienced and the Brightest person, then hire the Brightest person. In short, hire the one that you feel could become great one day. This will give you the diamond in the rough that you can polish. It means that you can have a smart person that you can train to become very effective at their job over time, and gain the right experience.

New employee integration, first day on the job:

Here is what you need to do when the employee joins on the first say in your company:

1- Orientation list:

a- Make sure that the work area for the new employee is all prepared and ready.
b- Next, have the tools they need to perform their job ready, like a desk, chair, computer, telephone, and any other additional tools depending on the job.
c- Introduce them to the people they will be working with.
d- Finally, go through the company policies with the new employee, if there are any.

2- Training - prepare a training program:

a- Go through the roles and responsibilities.

b- Further, go through the job function.
c- Next, go through the training program to teach them their job function.
d- At last, set the expectation.

3- Follow-up periodically:

a- Review the new employees’ progress with the new employees themselves. Also, check with the people the new employee is working with to see if they are doing well.

Human management:

Attracting and keeping good people to work for you is a challenge. Even after spending so much time and money to get them through the door, you have to be in tune with their human needs to keep them engaged and loyal. Here are some things that you can do:
1- Provide and support a healthy and positive work environment.
2- Additionally, challenge and keep them engaged.
3- Further, reward them for a job well done.
4- Do not forget to offer them competitive salaries.

5- Also, keep them informed on all aspects of the company.

6- In addition to this, give them a stake in the business through share options.
7- And keep your promise.


In summary, hiring the right people is extremely important; because your business success depends on it. There is a tremendous amount of time and money that goes into hiring the right people for the right job.

And after you hire the right people, you would have to spend more time and money to train them. Essentially, you would be consuming more resources to coach employees to become effective at their jobs.

As a business manager, hiring the right people for the right job, and providing them with healthy and positive work environment to keep them engaged and loyal will be your greatest achievement. Moreover, by following the right steps as mentioned above, you will be successful at bring together a great team.

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